Algorand white paper review

This article briefly reviews the Algorand technical paper as well as their white paper for investors. I don't know if the investor paper is public, so I wont link to it. But if you have seen you then you will know you have the right on if:

* In Chinese
* 1,208,476 bytes
* SHA256 d2fe315b4410dbf88e6054555d5b04c6edddef6c2ea6e1d1a12bbedf47b9eeff

Investor analysis:

* 写软件好容易。为什么找投资方?为什么不要直接写软件再找顾客?
* 复印软件好容易。他们的网络开通之后我们怎么知道别人不会复印他们?
* 区块链理论说的好清楚:一个网络不能同时安全、去中心化和有速度。他们发表了文件之后大家为什么还是相信这个理论?
* 第一句话开头是“目前没有一种加密货币。。。。。。”。已经好明显作家不懂区块链市场。为什么?应为加密货币是个应用但是以太坊是个平台。他们想开发一个系统不要开发一个应用。
* 他们的白纸没有提到spam或gas的问题。

Technical analysis:

You can see the weaknesses in these strong assumptions in the white paper.

• "[Adversaries] cannot interfere in any way with the messages exchanges among honest users.
We assume that every propagated message reaches almost all honest users in a timely fashion."
* "each small set of players associated to a step ... most probably has empty intersection with the next set"
* "fake block might be propagated only after the legitimate one"
* "secret keys can be computed in less than one hour" is slow for creating a new account
* The forking model fails to consider that the adversary can sign multiple contradictory messages
* The networking layer is ignored


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