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HSBC - "In the future campaign" taken a little too seriously

HSBC's latest marketing campaign includes a list of things that are going to change in the future... with the idea being that they will help you make investment decisions to benefit from these changes. The only this is... all of these predictions are wrong. For posterity, I'm documenting it here with HSBC's original marketing story. In the future, even the smallest business will be multinational STORY: Whether you trade in Dollars, Euros or Renminbi, global markets are opening up to everyone. At HSBC we can connect your business to new opportunities on six continents - in more than 90 currencies. There's a new world emerging. Be part of it. FACT : The US dollar will continue to be a symbol of free trade, rule of law and relatively conservative politics. Lemonade stands will continue to be cash only... and that's USD cash. In the future, the food chain and the supply chain will merge STORY: In tomorrow's global economy, every resource wil

The vast majority of Philadelphia Parking Authority Tickets are invalid?

CLAIM         A majority of Philadelphia parking tickets are invalid because of lackadaisical meter inspections. RESULT         Meter inspection laws have been relaxed, and you wont be able to fight a ticket with the available public information. THE LAW In Pennsylvania, parking meters are regulated under agriculture law as weight and measure devices (3 Pa. Code § 41.02). CBS put out an article, widely cited, that parking meters must be recertified every 3 years and that the majority of Philadelphia Parking tickets are invalid because the meters haven't been certified. I can't find the original law, but today the regulation is every 5 years (3 Pa. Code § 41.12 b.2). RELATED LINKS: Philadelphia Parking Authority. Online Violation Dispute . Consumerist.  The Vast Majority Of Philadelphia Parking Tickets May Be Invalid. March 9, 2008.