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Will's ZKSNARKS Bibliography

Will's ZKSNARKS Bibliography Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/879 - Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture BCTV14 Our circuit generator is the first to be universal : it does not need to know the program, but only a bound on its running time. Moreover, the size of the output circuit depends additively (rather than multiplicatively) on program size, allowing verification of larger programs. We evaluated our system for programs with up to 10,000 instructions, running for up to 32,000 machine steps, each of which can arbitrarily access random-access memory; and also demonstrated it executing programs that use just-in-time compilation . Our proofs are 230 bytes long at 80 bits of security, or 288 bytes long at 128 bits of security. Typical verification time is 5 milliseconds, regardless of the original program’s running time. What are zk-SNARKs? / Zcash

Penna Turnpike Commission overbills ~$40M per year on turnpike violation notices, successfully avoids public disclosure

I have been sending Right To Know requests to the PA Turnpike to expose how much they are collecting by overbilling drivers that exit the turnpike with a ticket. PA law states how much they can charge: In the event of a lost toll ticket, the patron shall pay the fare from the farthest point of entry on the Turnpike to the actual point of exit.  67 Pa. Code § 601.12(d) . But instead they are ignoring your actual point of exit and charging based on greater of your point of exit or exit from the opposite direction. Assuming drivers are losing tickets traveling East as often as West, this means half of those tolls are overbilled. BUT HOW MUCH? I made a request to find out! I asked for only the date, exit location, and toll amount for all tickets. PA Turnpike Commission denied the request saying that knowing the exit location of anonymous cars amounts to "vehicle movement records" and is not eligible for public disclosure. The PA Office of Open Records a