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You have a Bacon Number of 5

(This is old news for me, but it may be new news for you)

I have a Bacon Number of 4:

Willwas classmates with
Kristin Bellowho is cousins with

Maria Bellowho was in Sam the Man (2000) with

Marin Hinklewho was in Rails & Ties (2007) with
Kevin Bacon
Now of course, since you know me, that means you have a Bacon Number of 5 -- unless you have a better way of getting there.

Chinese dictionary

The Chinese dictionary can get ridiculous:
条 tiao
measure word, used for long thin things, news, human lives, etc.I don't think etcetera means what they think it means...

Chinese books don't have roman numerals

In English books, the preface, introduction, et al. live on pages numbered with lower case roman numerals.

Chinese books don't use these roman numerals...

...which leads to interesting Tables of Contents like this one: