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Riddle: 5 lights

This is an update to the post: ---- The riddle has so far received no correct answers (several people responded with the obvious "cop out" answer). Therefore, this is being declared the hardest riddle yet. I am upgrading the bounty to 2 points for a correct answer! Also, I am making the riddle a little harder... You are outside a room with 5 light switches. You cannot see in the room. You don't have anyone else to help you. You enter the room. Inside the room are 5 lights. You then find out which light switch controls which light. This is very difficult. So remember, you are encouraged to Google around for similar riddles and to ask your friends. Cheating is encouraged! SEND ME YOUR ANSWERS!! UPDATE : The answer is posted at:

You'll get older when I SAY you get older


Best Craigslist prank involving puppies

Back in June 2008, someone posted this advertisement on craigslist: ---------------------------------- 4 months old, male, very friendly and sociable, especially to young kids. If you're interested in this friendly lil fella, call Will at 267-***-****. ---------------------------------- This was a great prank. My phone was off when it was posted. When I turned my phone on, I had 20 voicemails and over the next 2 hours, my phone was literally ringing off the hook. You can listen to some of the voicemails: John wants a puppy Johanna wants a puppy John wants a puppy Meg wants a puppy Jackie wants a puppy Vanessa wants a puppy I never figured out who posted this message, but I suspect it was Kristin Bello (or maybe Megha) because I don't know anyone else who could pretend to use the word "fella." P.S. Sorry for the delay. It took me a while to figure out how to download the messages from my iPhone.

Riddle: The 4 lights

Here's the new profile riddle: A room has four lights. Alone, and unable to see in, you use four light switches outside the room and enter, knowing which is which. How? At request, new riddles will be whittled down to 140 characters. THIS POST CONTINUED HERE THE SCOREBOARD SINCE 2002: + - minamhere 3 0 * hardlypoetic 2 0 kalicokiki 2 1 tsunami0009/bluegreensteve 2 2 trom37 2 0 chickennuggest 2 0 genuine669 2 0 adaninthelife/revolver63 2 1 adeedas476 1 0 blackbandit79 1 0 walt758usa 1 0 theriault06 1 0 sabrosa529 1 0 pinball10 1 0 srmascot2002 1 0 fester2133 1 0 serenitysir 1 1 punkkitten429 1 0 debjulcoh 1 0 * absolutmaveric 1 0 * (aa) yolanda_june@msn 1 0 * (aa) anven 0 1 wonderslack 0 1 Zubie919 0 1 flyingelmo2004 0 1 dirteharry503 0 1 nacnud1983 1 2 lehighace06 0 2 llgirl714 1 3 gosujohn 0 3 snoop2828 1 3 * denotes a recent win/loss aa denotes an alternate answer (huge win) other riddle posts:

Instant makeover techniques

Quote of the Day 2009-01-16 I'm getting tired of your face, you should shave your beard. Miss Wang

Peter Schiff feedback - 2008-12-31

I listen to Peter's Schiff's weekly podcast and there is usually a lot of good information there. Sometime I hear ridiculous things, so here's my feedback. 10:25 "... November [2007] to November [2008] retail sales in China were up 22%... I mean the Chinese, among their top five hobies...  shopping is up there, I mean it is probably number four, right up there with ping pong and gymnastics." Response: 23:00 "... the government is taking away jobs and funds from the free market... so you should get as much education as you can while the money is cheap." This line of thinking missed the mark in a few ways. In the long term, we can expect the market to become rational; but now there are lots of inefficiencies out there you should be aware of: Real wages are high right now Additional government intervention will cause good, sustainable jobs to diminish Education c