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Motorola "Unauthorized Charger" error

Unauthorized charger? Motorola, you are the biggest piece of shit ever.

Alternate methods of horses and water

Quote of the day 2008-02-11 Today is another quote from the internet... You can lead a horse to water, and if you Duct Tape a hose to its mouth, you can make it drink too. rucs_hack (784150)

Phone, Email, TXT battle

There are a lot of ways to communicate in this day and age. I have found that some communication channels consistently produce better news than others... My last 3 received phone calls: Hey Will, I just looked at your Comcast account and found that you are paying too much. I fixed it now and you will save $130/mo. K S I had a great time last night. We should have a pajama party soon. Anonymous I want to have a meeting with you, and when we're done I can mail you a check. C T My last 3 received TXT messages: Let's hang out, I'm at 27th and Parrish S S I'm in NYC screaming out the window [because of the Giants' win] D C Just a reminder, it's Mardi Gras -- girls everywhere are showing their boobs. M P My last 3 received Emails messages: We don't have anyone to speak at our next Toastmasters meeting! D C Please update something for me on a website. S K Here is list of books you need to read in the next 2 weeks. D F