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What happened in class today? I heard presentations from every person in the LeBow program and got to meet fellow students, faculty and staff. My MacBook also had an interesting day: it took a hard fall onto a slate floor but recovered with a small battle wound; then an untamed cell phone named Gassy tried to give it a virus. I also met a bunch of people today. Here's an overview: Ioannis is from Greece and he introduced me to the class after we interviewed each other, I'm setting up a time to play him in chess. I heard from Nikki (Manning??) and am trying to get in contact with her about Toastmasters at Drexel. I heard from Shailesh about GSA and contacted him to learn more about upcoming activities and how I can get involved. I contacted MBAA to learn about their program and to find opportunities for getting involved. I spoke with Dr. Boyer who referred me to Dr. Mason in the finance department who I am contacting to learn about his interesting stock market modeling project,

The meaning of the "Free Beer" analogy

Please use the terms "Joe Sixpack" and "free beer" in a sentence that explains how Joe righteously denounces the giveaway to seek something even freer. Beer, and software, are a meritocracy. The ideology is just one of the merits (for some, but not all). Therefore, I propose a new term that makes this apparent: Free as in cheap