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Memoirs of a trip to China (东游记)

All my photos are here.

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Here is a record of my recent trip to China, traveling alone. FYI, 7元 is about $1.

汉庭快捷酒店‎ 上海黄浦区中山南路433号

9/27 I took a ride from a stranger to get from the airport to the train station. After that, I was amazed by how little people on the street could help me. If I couldn't speak the language, this trip could have really sucked. I rushed to my hotel and checked in to relax.
## Quick Quiz ##
Question: The room number is 8217, what floor is this on?
Answer: Floor 2. All rooms start with 8 for good luck.
Went to  南京路 for shopping and food. Many people tried to sell me things, being the ONLY FOREIGNER IN CHINA. But I did meet 周琴 who was nice and helped me plan my trip in Shanghai. Also, I started the process of mailing postcards to Mom and Dad. Sending postal mail in China is like sending email in 1925.

9/28 Went to a cheap market 七蒲路 to buy th…