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Tesla Announces the New Model T

UPDATE 2021-04-05 : Added some notes and caveats, thanks to a discussion with Russell Thomas You may have already seen them on the road. The Model 3 has been largely successful, everybody and their mother knows these cars run on electricity, not directly making harmful carbon emmisions that pollute our planet and contribute to climate change. Last week, Elon Musk has announced plans to fix that by reducing the Model 3 fuel economy from an EPA rated ∞ MPG down to 22 MPG , the exact rating of the original Ford Model T. How? Bitcoin. Technology made simple Bitcoin is a complicated technology which is misunderstand by many people. Rather than explain it in complete detail, I will here only tell you about the 99% of how it works that you might care about. Every one dollar you spend on Bitcoin directly pays somebody else to emit one dollar’s worth of carbon somewhere else on Earth (most likely China). The primary reasons people purchase Bitcoin is to buy synthetic heroine, evade taxes and s