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Nontechnical: What is ERC-721?

Read time: 6 minutes. This post explains how ERC-721 works and does not require any prior knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain. 简体中文 -->通俗易懂的告诉你什么是erc-721/  (奇点财经翻译) How does your phone connect to a web server? Most of your time on computers/phones/technology is spent with a web browser accessing a web page. Most of the screens you see out in the world that display information are usually using a web page to show it, but they just hide the URL bar. The flight arrivals screen -- it's just a web page Think for a minute about how this ubiquitous technology works. You.  You are very busy and you are trying to access some information, maybe cat videos or sports scores or your family members' feedback on a photo you posted of your kid.  Your phone , or whatever other device is in your hand, that acts on your behalf. The web server decides how it wants to reply to your request. Technology people, the ones that make your phone an

The Timeline of ERC-20 Approval

In Ethereum, the EIP process tracks standards, which are improvements to the state of affairs. Usually these standards affect interoperability of systems. Either way, ERC-20, the token standard, is surely the most influential standard to date. I have researched the timeline of this standard, presenting below. 2015-11-19: Issue opened 2016-12-07: First mention of ERC20 in the EIP repository text 2017-04-24: The text of the issue is imported in the repository proper 2018-04-20: Made final