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Erin Quinlan is the Prom Queen!

That's right... Erin Quinlan (the tea cup) is Prom Queen. Just though you'd like to know. (if you don't know who this is... ignore this post, i'm just spamming)

Don't use BCC

First, what is BCC? Why you shouldn't use BCC when you email groups of people. * If I receive mail sent to "undisclosed-recipients", I assume the worst: that you are sending something to as many people as you can, and you don't want me to know that. I immediately think that whatever the correspondence is, it is for your benefit, not mine. This is also known as spam. (note: this first point also applies when a mail is sent just to me, but the message is clearly a form-mail, e.g. it starts with "Dear ," * If you're inviting me to something via email and I see it is sent to "undisclosed-recipients", I assume the worst: that you are only inviting the lamest of people (plus me) and your event will ultimately suck. Not something I'm likely to attend. * If you are making a legitimate announcement to a group of people, you should be sending this to a mailing list, not using BCC. When I receive you message, it will look like this: From: the secretar