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How to properly indent paragraphs (Mac + Windows)

Quote of the day 2007-10-21 (Mike is typing a letter) Mike: how many spaces do you use when you indent a paragraph? Will: you just hit the tab key Mike: WTF is a tab key?

LeBow Preston and Steve food drive details

Hi Will, I don't want to get involved in censoring, however I'm having trouble finding an appropriate relationship between a food drive and handguns. Are you able to replace the Preston and Steve image with one that is more appropriate? Thanks! Dan

Religious proof of a flat Earth

Quote of the day 2007-10-13 Will: There's a lot of people in this country that believe dinosaurs never existed and that the world only a few thousand years old. They live in the South. Wen-Yen: Wow! Do they think the world is flat too?