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Ten things you can only do without Facebook

Starting the 2014 New Year's resolution early, deleting Facebook now. Top 10 reasons to delete Facebook in 2013: Now that it's so popular, people stopped posting racy or interesting content (anyone remember Webshots?) Most of my real life friends, on Facebook, are just posting commercial advertisements with their personal account Back when it was called The Facebook I made an auto-friend virus (anyone remember Samy on MySpace ) and still can't remember which friends I know in real life You are the product, and the personal information collection is getting extreme (you are being targeted not just based on clicking "I am married" but based on patterns of things you do on the internet that they see which indicate you are married) Facebook asking for government ID to use your accounts I miss talking to people on the phone The only authentic content on Facebook is complaining, and there is too much complaining Only old people use it And also, I just trie

How to connect your Roku to Xfinitywifi

When you login to Xfinity wifi with a computer you need to login with a browser. But if you login from Roku there is no browser. So to fix this you: 1. Do Roku -> Settings -> Information 2. Buy a Mac 3. Open Terminal     sudo bash     ifconfig en ether     ifconfig en ether ****TYPE IN THE WIRELESS MAC HERE****   4. Close and reopen Wifi and connect to xfinitywifi 5. Login to Comcast 6. Open Terminal     ifconfig en ether ****TYPE IN THE OLD ETHER HERE**** 7. Use the Roku and get on xfinitywifi 8. Drinking