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Quote of the week 2007-12-30

These are really old... like from back when I was born.

- Baby Girl
(Examaning dinosaur fossils at the Academy of Natural Sciences)
800-527-7415 is a phone number for the Chase new credit cards dept.

(sometimes i post things to this blog just because google didn't turn up any results, and i think they should)

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MBA Starting Salaries

This is for the people who keep asking me what they should make after graduating:

Starting salaries for MBA's
ExperienceSalarySigning bonus% of ppl that get SB
Less than 3 yrs.$68,399$10,73644%
3 - 6 yrs.$81,710$16,25655%
6+ yrs.$100,887$17,52134%


This is why you dont start a conversation with "sup"