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How to tell if you're dreaming

What do these 5 high budget movies have in common: Nightmare on Elm Street Wizard of Oz Fight Club Vanilla Sky Inception They are based on a character with a misconception about reality -- lucid dreaming, schizophrenia, etc., which are pretty much the same category of brain damage. BUT LUCKILY YOU CAN PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING TO YOU. READ ON. To determine if you are awake, do any of the following things that are impossible in a dream: Grab a piece of paper and multiply your phone number by 27 (smart people use 206 or 7402). Submerge your face in water and wait for the sensation you are running out of air. Walk on your hands and experience high blood pressure in your face. Make your feet warm if they're cold or cold if they are warm. Turn the alarm clock off after it starts ringing. Wrong answers are: spin a top, feel a chess piece and play with a loaded die. To determine if your friend is real -- do any of these things that imaginary friends can'