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The funniest and best ICD-10 codes

SITUATION:  You've been involved in a water-skiing accident where your skis have caught fire and now you are being rushed to the emergency room. THE GOOD NEWS:  There a code for that. ICD-10-CM, ("we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it") has anticipated this and your hospital will have no problem billing insurance for your treatment. THE BAD NEWS:  You'll be delayed while the medical administrator chooses between the 6 different codes for this exact situation. Records:  Here are some actual medical diagnosis codes. In fact some of these would be newspaper headlines if they ever happened: Z3754 Sextuplets, all liveborn W5922xS Struck by turtle, sequela Z62891  Sibling rivalry Z631 Problems in relationship with in-laws V9107xD Burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter T505x6A Underdosing of appetite depressants, initial encounter V616xxD Passenger in heavy transport vehicle injured in collision with peda

Classic and modern job searching tips

ORIGINAL POST: 2010-10-04 UPDATES: New links at the bottom I recently started as Senior Financial Analyst at CDI Corporation, ending my 3 month, 23 day job search. My job is to do financial analysis for corporate reporting as well as provide information that can support business decisions for individual business units -- so I get to report to no less than 5 C-Level executives ("report to" in the sense that I will write reports that they read). The job is in "one of those buildings downtown" that I can walk to and see from my house. If you have talked to me in the past 3 months, you'd already know this because I've been telling everyone exactly what position I am going to get since I left my last job. AND YOU CAN TOO. Here's some advice I picked up along the way. Stop Reading the News Really. The big picture out there isn't great right now. There are some idiots/politicians/propagandists out there saying otherwise, but it would be best to just

Axiom of choice [MATH]

I always though mathematicians were stupid because something like the Axiom of Choice came out years after ZFC set theory, and it is still not universally accepted. But maybe those old skeptics foresaw something like what just happened to me... SU: I had to tell you about the wallet I'm getting you because I found out the size and the color you want... but there's a choice for lining and there's no other way I can ask you what lining you want. WILL: But there's only one option. SU: No there's two, there's "choice" and there's "pigskin" and I don't know which one to pick. WILL: Right, choice is just a word and the only choice is pigskin. SU: So why are there two choices? WILL: There's only one choice. "Choice" isn't a choice. SU:  ⊥