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World Affairs Council - Net Neutrality

I am attending the World Affairs Council session this Thursday 2006-10-05 to see David Cohen, the Executive Vice President for Comcast Corporation speak about net neutrality. They will likely support their oppinion that they should have the power to charge for "guaranteed delivery of their services". I think that this extreme and unchecked power is unwarranted, especially with their history of anti-competitive behavior towards Vonage. I would like to make a comment or ask a question during this council and so I am researching examples of Comcast anti-competitive behavior and the possibility of racketeering against companies like Vonage if net neutrality is denied. I am having a tough time collecting information for my question since I can only find user testimonial of Comcast putting the squeeze on Vonage. For example by searching for Would you be able to provide any insight into facts I could bring up when asking my question or h