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Street tips that might save your life, and other advice right now

Happy New Year, and good luck on having a safe and happy 2014.
If you are a victim of rape or aggravated assault indoors✗ Don't yell "rape"✓ Yell "fire"
Sadly, few people want to help a rape victim and walk into an icky situation. Many people wont think twice about breaking down your door and risking their life to help a fire victim.
If your life is in danger and you call 911✗ Don't say "please send help"✓ Say "officer assist, shots fired"
Yes, police will respond to help you if you are being attacked by someone or an intruder with a gun is walking in to your house. But 10 police will respond if they believe another police officer is in danger. Bonus tip: you will go to jail for doing this, make sure it is worth it.
If you are robbed on the street✗ Don't yell "he took my purse"✓ Yell "he gotta gun"
"He took my purse" is your problem and probably wont get immediate help. "He gotta gun" and you p…