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Fashion advice for business and casual settings

Quote of the day 2007-08-27 Why would i want to dress up in a suit when I can have my boobs hanging out??? - Marietta

Choosing the best roommates for a new apartment

Christopher Nolan: i got an apartment today Christopher Nolan: moving on saturday Will Entriken: roommates? Christopher Nolan: no Will Entriken: boring Christopher Nolan: noone to live with Will Entriken: you smell that bad? Christopher Nolan: no, i hate my friends

Finding the best flavor for everything in your bathroom

I walked into my room today and found baby girl. She was in my bathroom making a huge mess. There was toothpaste on my sink, Polident tabs everywhere (for my retainer... I dont have dentures), a about a mile of floss strung out on the floor. "Wow, everything in your bathroom tastes like mint!"