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I calculated how much it costs to have a serious relationship

John's wisdon never goes out of style: I calculated how much it costs to have a serious relationship. How did you calc this When you get older you need to make money. I'm going to need to make atleast $300,000 to live decently. I think I can make that when I'm 35 or 40. I could see myself getting comfortable at $150k, but that might get boring after a while. Hell, I'm complacent now and I only get $65k, but that's not gonna last.

Formal and informal engineering education

Q: How is being an Engineer different than being a baseline human? A: You get emails like this: From: "Chris Nolan" <@@@> To: "Will Entriken" <@@@> Subject: copper line power what prevents someone from using the idle line voltage on telephone line to power non phone related lower draw devices? like alarm clock and what not, for the free power? Could I somehow plug a UPS into the phone line(with an adapter) to steal power?

I'm not a poet

I wish I could write interesting and funny things for you to read. Unfortunately, I can't. Instead, here's some photos for you to enjoy.

My goals in life

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Quote of the day 2008-01-11

I have sex with farm animals, especially sheep. Juan, under duress