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Two out of 3 aint bad

Here is Will's goal recap for the end of the year: By end of 2010 Pass HSK Level 4 Pass SOA test FM/2 Pass one CPA test Any ideas for the next 6 months? You can see my life progress at

Review of Inception (2010)

Summary: Like Avatar, with guns, and a less believable premise. And now for the differences: The story tries hard to earn the "thinking man's movie" title by employing multiple (although diminutive) concurrent story lines. This plan falls flat on it's face when the redicullous premise is revealed. Only one character is developed, and it happens in a step-by-step fashion only through his narrative. In general, movies like this (rediculous premise, attempt to make story non-trivial to follow) really fail for a specific reason. A movie only has so much surprise or disbelief it can give this audience before they reject the story. Inception spends all this "surprise capital" on introducing the premise and a couple of artifacts*. Once the story was up and running, there were a couple of interesting things that could have happened to develop a second character, or throw a twist (the chick got very close to him, she could have turned out to be a spy; something cou