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Stealing a bridge

This is one of the headlines in this week's Economist : Two men were arrested in China for stealing a bridge near Shanghai. The men broke it up into blocks and lifted it away with cranes before transporting it on a lorry to sell as building stone. The bridge was built over a century ago. Wow that's interesting, let's go find some details online and blog about it these crazy Chinese guys? Well actually, as it happens to be, bridge theft is a new fad with a 4 occurrences in just the past season. 2011-11-07 Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, $100,000, 50'x20'      Lawrence County steel bridge stolen 2012-02-27 Wroclaw, Poland       O dwóch takich, co chcieli ukraść pięciotonowy most w Bogatyni [foto, wideo] 2011-11-29 Shanghai, China      Economist: Politics this week Mar 3rd 2012   东方夜新闻 111229 闻所未闻 偷桥! 2012-02-27 UK     BBC: St Helens park footbridge and gate stolen 2007-12-29 Khabarovsk, Russia, 38'      Car bridge stolen in Russia's Fa