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How to delete friends on Facebook (UPDATED FOR THE LATEST VERSION)

There's two ways to delete or "unfriend" friends on Facebook. Method A 1. Click on the top right corner of the screen 2. scroll down to friend settings 3. Choose the correct friend group 4. Your friend isn't there 5. Look for another group 6. ... 7. Call your nerdiest friend for help 8. Your friend tells you to google it 9. Google it 10. Start looking at photos of cats 11. Adult entertainment 12. Go back to Facebook and start at 1 then skip over 7 thru 12 13. ... 14. Click confirm on the email they sent you 15. Pass the breathalyzer test 16. Mail $50 in small bills to FB central command 17. Wait 10-15 business days Method B Start writing ridiculous comments on your friends' walls with escalating hostility and distruthfullness

Businessweek reports on race between second and third place candidates in Iowa primaries, completely ignores first place

Because the way our presidential voting is set up, only two candidates can have a chance. Getting points on the board for the first state is a big advantage. Following is the situation today in Iowa. First place -- Ron Paul Second place -- Newt Gingrich Third place -- Mitt Romney Here is how the headline reads from Businessweek: Romney-Gingrich Iowa Ground Campaigns Intensify in Last Days By leaving out the leading candidate in this headline, the article is misleading. Further, given the importance of media in our elections, this misleading article is abusive. This was written by Lisa Lerer and is pathetic.