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The Blockchain and Know Your Customer (KYC) Laws

Right now Web 3.0, "the blockchain", the decentralized web, etc. are making a lot of people rich. People will do anything to get a few Ether so they can spend it on a pictures of kitties or whatever. Here is the current best practice of how you can get Ether: Send Western Union payment to somebody recommended by a company that is not in your legal jurisdiction to get Bitcoin, then using an exchange also not in your jurisdiction Create an account in the United States which requires your social security number, your bank account website usernames/passwords  (not a typo), and uncontrolled access to your computer's webcam In other words, this is shady AF. At one end of the respecting-regulation spectrum is Uber which says "we're not a taxi and we refuse to follow any taxi laws." But the Web 3.0 players are on the other end where they collect more information from you than any traditional bank. The reason why is because banks are subject to "Ant

Martin Fluss "Businesses" for Sale

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : A man named Martin listed an “established” distance learning education business for sale. In actuality, no such business exists, as proven by a successful lawsuit against him, warnings published about him by others, and documents he himself has published. Introduction We reached out to Martin regarding a business that was for sale on BizBuySell. He offered the business for sale and claimed to make millions of dollars per year on this business. Who is Meir Martin? We send a message online and received an initial voicemail identifying himself only as “Martin”. We called back and Martin Fluss identified himself as Meir Martin ("but people just call me Martin"). Meir Martin is married to Doina Martin and resides at 4106 NW 78th Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33065, source: Meir Martin is an entrepreneur involved in photography, trips to Israel, and his daughter’s business, he is shown and visible on thi