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Not everyone looks their best all the time.

Just like a baby seal

I shaved my beard today. And I got a lot of reactions, so I'll tell you about them.



=At home=
Becky didn't say anything, but she saw me shaving in my bathroom and she's seen me without a beard before.

Baby girl asked me why I got a haircut. To her surprise, shaving is not a haircut.

=At school=
Megha loved it, she was also anticipating this day heavily because I dropped a hint earlier that this was coming.

Kristin said I looked like a kid, but liked it.

Tom was ecstatic.

Sarah had no big comment like Juan.

Deb was expecting a much bigger surprise today and was dismayed about the relatively small change (she was expecting me to have grown a third arm or something).

Sanjam couldn't stop staring - I think she wants me now.

Yu-ching and Wen-yen were surprised too wanted to know why, Will, why?!

=On AIM=
Kristin found out that I shaved by way of my new buddy icon, since I change it daily.

=At home=
Mom was very sad at the development and said that I just ruined here da…
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