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Riddle: Beakers

The AIM profile riddles are back! The old rankings are still in effect. The current riddle is: You are standing by a river with an 8-gallon beaker and a 6-gallon beaker, but you need exactly 5 gallons of water. Using only this how can you measure out 5 gallons? For those that are new here, the profile riddle started in 2002. The rankings are listed in my profile, and occasionally in this blog. All riddles are completely original and ensured not to have answers or hints on the internet. As a result, cheating is minimized and the ranking board is a true and credible rating of intelligence. More riddle woes: Steven Shim : fill the 6 gallon beaker and dump it into the 8 gallon beaker, fill the 6 gallon beaker again, and pour as much as possible into the 8 gallon, leaving you with 4 gallons in the 6 gallon beaker. dump out the 8 gallon beaker. pour in the 4 gallons from the 6 gallon beaker into the 8 gallon beaker. fill the 6 gallon up. pour it into the 8 gallon, leaving you with