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I Was Kidnapped in Manila and Lived to Tell About it

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The US Embassy Doesn't Want You Know About This Kidnapping in ManilaScopolamine / Devil's Breath Trip Report It started Easter weekend This story starts at Noon Tuesday April 18th, 2017 on Makati Avenue. I just finished a meeting with the Philippines Board of Investments to discuss how my company can expand our business in Manila. (Also saw the QBO Innovation Hub, it was awesome.) I had plenty of time to kill and some emails to catch up on, so it's time for some brain food!

I walked right to the hottest part of town, Makati Ave. and Jupiter Ave., surely there will be something good to eat. And then suddenly, The Guy approaches me, I'm marked. Hey, I know you are you staying at the Jazz Residences? Jazz is about a 12 minute walk to here, and I did not walk towards Makati Ave. from that direction since I just came from the meeting. I'm always guarded with information and paying attention to stuff like that. There's about 20 other places I could…