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Mac Software Worth Buying and Free Software Worth Getting

Mac Software Worth Buying Apple – Final Cut Pro Video editing Adobe – Lightroom Classic CC Photo cataloging and manipulation. "Classic" version prevents you from having your photos leaked if you work with photos that are important or sensitive. Microsoft – Office 2019 (not cloud) This is god-awful software that has click-throughs for OneDrive every time you try to save a file. Also the interface is painful with simple things like sorting in Excel hidden behind multiple clicks. Default fonts are stupid. But at least it isn't slow af like LibreOffice so you might as well buy it. 64 Characters — Telephone A SIP telephone client Panic — Transmit Because Apple isn't going to suddenly add remote file systems to the Finder if they haven't done it in the first 30 years Cultured Code — Things Tracks all your todos. This is not a multiplayer software, so this is your todos from your perspec