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Health Care Reform -- Doctor Shortage To Expand the Role of Registered Nurses

I'm a fan of nurse practitioners replacing the vast majority doctors. Back in the 20's, before the AMA came in to power and all the regulation, we had: * House calls * Affordable healthcare * No need for insurance (see previous line) * Doctors who learned as apprentices, not students We did not have all the treatments available back then... for MMR, the flu, cancer, herpes, etc. However all these innovations came from the pharmaceutical industry, NOT the medical industry. The only reasons we have this many doctors in society, instead of patients and loved ones happily self-diagnosing the majority (but not all) of their problems are: * Many people still appreciate the confidence instilled by an expert * Doctors have a monopoly on access to drugs On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 8:37 AM, Michael Tomeo <...> wrote: > > Here we go , the third world conversion of medicine ......... > > (Email forwarded from Kramer Green Zuckerman Greene & Buchsbaum, P.A., originally

The thirdworld-ification of the United States

My thoughts? This seems like a misguided and confused statement at best and a racist one at worst. The main issue the author has appears to be that Hispanics are coming to America, utilizing our resources and hospitality and then not contributing their fair share to society. This is a real problem. Let us be specific. The problem to society is not other ethnicities increasing in numbers, the washing out of European ancestry, or the dilution of Judeo-Christian identity. It is certainly not clashes of cultures, or hatred. America is the largest melting pot in human history, as well as the world-renown leader in solving integration issues. We have had our fair share of intolerism in the past, but I'd say we're doing all around pretty well right now. The full quote that encompasses American freedom and acceptance is: "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she / With silent lips. / "Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe

The Shocker for computers

Ctrl-A, S, Ctrl-S, Alt-F4. It's like The Shocker for computers. Try it on your friends!

Quote of the day 2010-05-19

Here's the type of jokes I get at work: "If you're an American when you go into the bathroom and you're an American when you come out... what are you inside?"

Free money from the mint (Update)

(This is an update to This is an update from the free money from the mint blog post. You are still able to collect on this offer: 1. Order $4500 in currency from the Mint, no shipping fees, no other fees 2. Deposit into bank, pay off credit card 3. Collect $45 in cash back from your card, or get a new card if you are an idiot because you don't get cash back Now I am attaching the photo that discourages this from their site: Actually, there is another purpose here. If you can plan your cash needs in advance, this completely alleviates any need for you to use an ATM machine. Depositing checks is done via USPS mail to ING Direct, HSBC or other banks that support it. Withdrawing cash is done via this. Depositing cash is not supported. If you are cash flow positive in life, please consider choosing a profession other than selling drugs as your occupation.

Finding good topics for discussion with normal people

Quote of the day 2010-05-04 Sometimes I like to meet girls that like makeup, shoes and shopping... you know so we have something to talk about. - Su