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Opening SealedMedia files using Adobe Acrobat 8 on Mas OS X

UPDATE 2013-12-16 . If you are still using spdf files, please contact me so I can update these instructions. I could not find instruction for opening DRM-encumbered .spdf files using Acrobat 8 on Mac OSX. So I'm including my own instructions: The first part is to get these files up on your screen. You will have to download Acrobat 7 for mac first. Use this link: note that the installation will succeed with no indication that the process is complete. You will need to install SealedMedia unsealer first Unfortunately you will need to provide root access to the DRM installer for this to work and it will not work with a low-priv test account. The second part is to get these files into postscript format: To do this, I installed a virtual printer driver for Mac OS X. What this program will do is