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Sexiest non-human characters in Disney movies

Quote of the day 2010-03-29 Mufasa is definitely the sexiest. Look at him, how he pounces on his woman... he's so strong and his voice... And if he was a person, it would be EVEN better! - Zhuzhu

Differences in study habits / east versus west

English-language test preparation books usually have a sample test and always tell you how to grade the sample test to measure your progress against the population of test takers, e.g. percentiles and a pass/ fail level. Chinese-language test preparation books may include a sample test and no scoring information. There is only advice on how to study harder; no mention of whether your score will pass or fail.

Does automation lead to higher unemployment?

Here's a comment to a blog post at: Full Decent says: I've considered this extensively, Here's a perspective: I know homeless people with cell phones and college kids who will forego food to make a car payment. To me, this reaffirms what I learned in marketing class: if you want to sell something, don't make people want it; make people need it. Please consider another definition of employment: farming. Farming provides food, and aside from a few leaves to cover the body and a cave to keep warm, that's all you require to survive and reproduce. A few hundred years past, "unemployment" was low, most able-bodied people worked in agriculture. Now, in America, "unemployment" well over 99% ( Are people today free from banks and power of the rich? I would say yes: due to automation, a person in Am

How to play strip poker in Asia [pics]

A another post in the culture series. Playing strip poker with teenaged Americans: Someone gets naked, everyone laughs, everyone forgets about it the next day. Playing strip poker with Chinese people well past the age of majority: People treat the game like life-of-death, everyone fights/cries for 3+ hours, nobody talks the next day.

The looming healthcare bubble

Begin forwarded message: From: Michael Tomeo < > Date: 2010年3月1日 To:  many people Subject: Healthcare Bubble The next bubble to burst is healthcare -------the current situation is economically , non-sustainable. Hold on for another roller-coaster ride !! More and more people are jobless , the cost of healthcare is increasing exponentially and employers are going to stop paying for insurance as the costs have been outrageously burgeoning in real dollars.........the Democratic plan is just a bandaid , the Rhinos are obstructionist , but what we need is honesty. The real solution , if you want to cover more individuals , is a plan to provide a safety net for all but we must realize that we all collectively must give something up in terms of coverage. Yes , that ill-fated and unmentionable term RATIONING. The major determinants of the rapidly increasing cost of delivering medicine are pharmaceuticals and technology. We all want the best and newes