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There is an important issue affecting the consumer electronics world. New devices that are made and sold to the consumer will be unilaterally controlled by the creators of the device. What this means is that the next wave of products will not allow you to do things that they don't want you to do. case a: Tivo is making boxes that wont let you skip commercials, or will play its own commercials while you are skipping the broadcasted ones. In the past you could buy a Tivo and put your own software on it and do what you want. Now you can't. case b: You bought a CD/DVD and want to put the music/video on your iPod. In the past you could do this. In the future, you will have to buy a seperate copy for your iPod.* case c: You can try to copy the music as above and if it doesn't work, oh well. In the future, if you try to do this, the RIAA will be notified every time you try. If you try to disable the monitoring system, your computer will fail to turn on.* *When I say &q

Memes in profiles

Of the 1190845 people I checked*, this many people have this in their profile: 1193 have "Chuck Norris" 375 have "Iraq" 6238 have "beer" 1819 have "pirate" 24681 have "Put this in your profile if" * yes, that's how many I checked

The definition of awesome

1. You're writing software and do the interface part first echo '<a href="$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'?action=revert">click here to revert</a>'; ... and then some frontend code: if ($_GET['action'] == 'revert')         $the_photo->Revert(); 2. Then you go to add in a Revert() function to your photo class 3. But realize that you already did it months ago when drinking... thinking, oh I'll probably need this later.
Sing a new song a nice big song I got one in mine for you So tell me what to do-oo Power of the poor is getting stronger Day by day, hour by hour Minute by minute That's the power of the poor Growing quick and fast and all different ways And many different sines That's the power "New Poor" Harry McCloskey Some time in the early 90's we'd like to forget
Erin Quinlan: hey we got ur thank you card Full Decent: did you see on the back where i wrote I hate hannah? Erin Quinlan: nah lol Erin Quinlan: let me go see Erin Quinlan: no you didn't Full Decent: madeya look

Why FairTax is stupid

WHAT IS FAIRTAX? Links: 1. Tax collection responsibilities are shifted from the IRS to the state, to coincide with the current state sales tax collection infrastructure. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but states are even more corrupt that the federal government. The last time I checked, the state of New Jersey has shut down all state-sponsored prescription plans, the state gaming commission, and countless other programs while sending home wihtout pay 10's of thousands of state employees because they cannot agree on a 2007 budget. Links: 2. All cash expenditures are linked directly to you. To further investigate this claim, I will need to read further into the matter. However, no literature I have read on the matter discuss the specific tax collection practice. Even a cursory look at the collection will lead you understand that a record needs t
==CURRENT NOTES=== PATCHES: diff -rupd MY HOME: svn+ssh:// ==SCHEDULE/PROGRESS/TODO== x Get code up and working Got 3.5.3 stable tarball and created soc_ksm branch x Fix bugs in current sessions implementation WM now handled specially, code reorganized to fix State model x Auto-save sessions and recover from crashes Sessions autosave every 20 minutes, after a crash you get to choose what session to start. Sessions keep track of when they were last saved. (20060707) Create data structures to keep track of an AppGroup for each client application (20060707) Create DCOP calls to open or close all apps in an AppGroup (while KDE is running) (20060708) Create DCOP call to list all AppGroups (for integration) NOTIME Think about how to save thumbnails or other useful metadata to AppGroups/sessions maybe time spent using apps in AppGroup (int with karm), date last used, ... (2006071