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Contents may settle during packaging AND OTHER HUMOR

Which one is 24oz and which one is 14oz. Zoom in to find out! EDIT: Additional humor listed below rather than the proper way of new posts. Two are crossposted to the  Funny Signs Blog

The second most popular obscenely-named city in Thailand

Geography for a day We all know that the capital of Thailand is Bangkok. But did you know that they also have a city named Phuket?

Real life player-kill

Quote of the day 2009-08-21 HM: Why do American girls wear so little clothing? WE: Sometimes they want to see who looks better HM: So it's like a PK?

Watch out from behind

Quote of the day 2009-08-16 Also, an English lesson: butt is usually singular.

New Chevy Volt about as powerful as a lawnmower

I read about the new GM Volt and needed to inform you, loyal reader, about the numbers that are driving around. Please excuse my brevity as Original quote: "Using new methodology being developed, GM said it expects the Volt to consume as little as 25 kilowatt hours per 100 miles in city driving. At the U.S. average cost of electricity, a typical Volt driver would pay about $2.75 for electricity to travel 100 miles, or less than 3 cents per mile, GM said in the statement today." Other assumptions:  "City driving" is at 20 miles per hour. (Source: ) Calculations: Math: 25 kilowatt hours per 100 miles * 20 miles per hour in horsepower Result: 6.71 horsepower Result: The new Volt is as powerful as the smallest lawnmowers: