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Testing deployed Ethereum contracts with ESTIMATEGAS

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Testing smart contracts live without spending gas

0xcert is publishing a series of tech papers in collaboration with various authors. The present article is a contribution by our advisor and the lead author of ERC-721 standard, William Entriken, and our lead blockchain engineer, Tadej Vengust. Live Testing Smart Contracts with ESTIMATEGASWritten by: William Entriken, Tadej Vengust In this article, we will introduce a technique that allows you to test any deployed contract in arbitrary ways, without spending gas. It works on Ethereum Mainnet, Wanchain, Ethereum Ropsten, Hyperledger Burrow, Proof of Authority Network, private chains, and every other network based on Ethereum Virtual Machine. This new technique was first shown with the ERC-721 Validator, and you can't do it with Truffle. You will want to learn this technique if: Your contract deployment …