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Best language for illicit code

So public safety comes into my room last night while I'm sleeping with a fanfare of the head of public safety head of network security and 10+ other people. They're ready to shut off the power and seize my computer. So I sat with them in the living room to answer some questions. Here is the conversation between the network security guy (herein: NSG) and myself: NSG: We're here to talk to you about illicit computer usage ME: Oh wow, what specifically? NSG: According to some information on one of your websites, we have reason to believe that you have gained unauthorized access to some of our servers and/or network equipment. ME: And why is that? NSG: Apparently you have the ability to see if and given student is at their computer at the time ME: Hmm, yes I do NSG: So it seems like you have illegally accessed our router table to get this information ME: Why don't I pull up the site so we can be clear on what you're talking about NSG: Ok ME: (typi