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这就是桃园吗? Trip to Taiwan

So we got to Taiwan, which is a total of 22 hours of travel from Philadelphia. There's a few things you notice in Taiwan right away, so let's discuss those first: There's only one model of truck available for sale on the island, and it only comes in blue. Everyone drives only this truck... and it's smaller than most American cars. You watch live baseball at 9am, and Japanese advertisements are superimposed over the field. There's nothing Asian models fear more... that looking Asian. SPF 100 cream makes them look like white people ALL drinks are available with ice cream... cola, Sprite, tea, beer In the first week we saw a cemetery, basically this is like a filing cabinet for people. What is Binglang? It's the nut of a plentiful, indigenous tree. But when they sell it, it's laced with tobacco, cleaning powder, ground up pain killers... pretty much a buch of nasty stuff so that if you chew it you get meth mouth. Who would w

Directions to parallel park a car perfectly

Step one : practice Step two : practice Step three : park like a champ -- But actually , you can also practice on the computer, the mechanics are all actually the same

Sean Connery, Steve Jobs and Louis Vuitton

Sean Connery then and now: From 1998: From 2011: 

Which people on US currency owned slaves?

Just the facts: 1¢ penny Abraham Lincoln No slaves 5¢ nickel Thomas Jefferson Had slaves 10¢ dime Franklin D. Roosevelt  No slaves 25¢ quarter George Washington Had slaves 50¢ half dollar  John F. Kennedy No slaves $1 bill George Washington Had slaves $2 bill Thomas Jefferson Had slaves $5 bill Abraham Lincoln No slaves $10 bill Alexander Hamilton Maybe   $20 bill Andrew Jackson Had slaves $50 bill Ulysses S. Grant Had slaves $100 bill Benjamin Franklin Has slaves So if you want to pay without slave free money, you can buy that new TV next month with a fat stack of $5 bills. Or... just use a credit card: No slaves No slaves Vikings had slaves