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Mismash of blog posts: Jehovas flying butter converting virus

Usually you should blog with one topic per post. But I am just so excited with news today that I am going to burst! --------- Update to virus bread : here is the updated process: * Get bread starter. * Spend ten days to turn bread starter into 4 bread starters. * Spend stardard bread baking time to turn one bread starter into one bread. * Distribute remaining bread starters as follows: 2 to "friends", one to self End result, you have your bread and eat it too. ---------- Su doesn't know the difference between butter and cheese. ---------- 2009 is being declaced a complete waste for me! The Jehovas Witnesses came to my house today and I completely failed to convert their religion*. I prepare all year for this day, and I have the whole dialog in my head ready to go. BUT there is one critical failure: JW only come early in the morning on a weekend, and I am unable to have rational discourse so early in the day! Maybe in 2010, sigh. ---------- *I mainta

Grandmom bakes virus bread

I thought chain mail was a recent phenomenon. Meet friendship bread. Friendship bread is the email forward of yesteryear. First you receive the "friendship bread" from someone who "cares about you". This bread only lasts for 10 days and then goes bad. The idea is that you have to take this bread and work it into an ingredient in your own bread which takes 10 days to fully prepare. At the end, you have a yield of two times the original amount of bread. These bread spawn must be given to other "friends" who are now obligated to continue the forwarding, or else. If the chain is broken, the bread goes bad and nobody wins. EDIT: please see updates in Jehovas flying butter converting virus

The best temperature to serve Ahi Tuna

Will: I'll have the Ahi Tuna, please. Waiter: How would you like that cooked? Will: Um, no?

Tee shirt

I didn't slap you... I high-fived you in your face.

Real-time UPS/FEDEX tracking with GPS

Here's an email... Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 17:26:16 -0400 Subject: Re: amazon From: Chris Nolan <...> To: Will Entriken <...> Why don't fedex, ups, usps provide up to the minute tracking info upon request? My stuff "shipped" But fedex just say "received shipping information", UPS can't even find my tracking number, but Amazon has more up to date info and USPS only updates daily. Presumably they know what planes this stuff is on, why not allow live flight tracking? and truck GPS and what not. Clearly expensive, but I feel like they should already have GPS in all their trucks and planes already, just a matter of aggregating and internetifying. Even if it interpolates via java script, something like at 11am the plane took off, given a landing time of 2pm, it is now noon, the plane is 1/3 of the way to landing, and so on. Would be awesome. Either way, my stuff should arrive on Friday now. I am impressed with Amazon Prime, and I

FASB failure in mark-to-market accounting

The FASB today demonstrated its complete lack of backbone by suspending mark-to-market valuation for banks' assets. This undermines the relevance of financial accounting altogether. In other words: banks and politicians win; "independent" accounts lose. In other words: FASB has gone the way of ISO