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Buffer underflow

Found this from high school.

19 Questions Game

20 Questions is a game of deductive reasoning. It became popular in the 1940s when it was the subject of successful radio show by the same name. One player -- the answerer --  thinks of a subject that should be familiar to common people and answers all questions about this subject with a yes or no response. The other player(s) ask questions to guess what this is, winning if they guess without exceeding 20 questions. Inspired by 20q, the game by Radica , I set out to create a better computer program that could play this game. The new game, 19 Questions, strives to use a better mathematical model (likelihood and entropy rather than neural networks) to play the game. Play now at This also works very well on the iPhone. See also: * The algorithm used by 20q * The algorithm used by 19 Questions * Mathematical analysis of the entropy function - a basis of this effort UPDATE: 2012-04-28. This is refreshed and looks great now.

Hallwatch 2

The Philadelphia government watch dog website, maintained by Ed Goppelt was shut down February 2009, but a new website, Hallwatch 2 , looks to take its place. Hallwatch 2 aspires to make it easy to stay informed about Philadelphia politics by bringing visitors to the latest information. There is also a subscription service for Philadelphia tax records, deed information and other real estate records, but information about that is scarce at this time. It will be a long time before Hallwatch 2 reaches its stated goal of becoming "the new Hallwatch," especially in terms to Ed Goppelt's success in suing and getting records from the city and bringing the whole community together. >> You can find the latest updates in Philadelphia politics from Ed Goppelt on Twitter . >> See other tributes to's 8 years of success at