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The best number on Google Voice

I got a GV invite today and had to choose which number I want. Of course all the repeated digits are gone (215-777-7772, ...) are gone. Google provides a simple interface to find a good number, but this is the interface I like, grep: ===So I did the following (Mac 10.5 / Safari)=== 1. Download all available Google Voice phone numbers  for a given area code. 2. Normalize the data: grep -ho +1484....... *js | sort -u | cut -c 3- > numbers 3. Grep through to find the best numbers available (some example results shown): # repetition grep "\([0-9]\{4\}\).*\1" numbers >> 4843248432 #pairs grep "\([0-9]\)\1.*\([0-9]\)\2.*\([0-9]\)\3" numbers >> 4842220022 >> 4842220044 # repetition grep '\([0-9]\)\1\{3\}' numbers >> 4849388886 # only 3 digits (mostly) grep '^[483]\+.$' numbers >> 4843344881 # palindromes grep "\([0-9]\)\([0-9]\)\([0-9]\)\([0-9]\).?\4\3\2\1"

GM bankruptcy plan approved; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Gerber fails at life

A federal bankruptcy judge in New York, Robert E. Gerber, has approved a reorganization plan from General Motors Inc. despite some outcry from dealers in Florida and other states. Part of his opinion follows: "The U.S. government's fear — a fear this court shares if GM cannot be saved as a going concern — was of a systemic failure throughout the domestic automotive industry and the significant harm to the overall U.S. economy that would result from the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the sequential shutdown of hundreds of thousands of ancillary business if GM had to cease operations," Gerber said. Unfortunately Judge Gerber failed to understand his role in handling bankruptcy, after rejecting to hear a plea from individual bondholders . Actually, his role is to hear and follow in the interest of debt holders. Further, he fell for the same "Systemic" argument that GS/congress is dishing out about AIG . Here's one additional source you can read: ht

Where's Waldo for Asian People

Min is very petit. Watch her hide behind this lamp.