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iPad apps to control desktop apps ("companion apps")

Following are some apps that you use as a companion to apps running on a laptop/desktop computer. Companion... as in the same way you use a mouse, keyboard and monitor to use an app. No one else seems to be tracking these, so here is my list, please share if you know any more.
Diet Coda
Desktop app: Coda by Panic, Mac While you are editing code in Coda, this allows you to immediately see the changes in a dedicated preview window on the iPad.

Air Display
Desktop app: (any Mac or PC)This extends your screen by putting the spillover onto an iPad.

Adobe Nav
Desktop app:Photoshop by Adobe This allows you to select and configure tools while using Photoshop.
VirtualDJ Remote
Desktop app:VirtualDJ by Atomix Basically just a copy of what's on the screen, little extra value.

Desktop app:Gimp, Traktor, Ableton, Logic Pro, Reaper, any other digital music app,    A generic controller app where you can design your own interface or download templates. The commands are sent to your desktop app as …

Analyzing your customer data

This is the first part in a series about analyzing your customer data.


Find the gender of your customer base after the fact. This is straightforward and can be done based on the first name of your customer list. First get a names database, for example nam_dict.txt.bz2 from then connect the data using Excel or your command line:

# save your customer first names to ./customernames (lowercase, no writespace)
cat nam_dict | cut -b1-25 | egrep -i '^[a-z ]+$' > nam_dict2
cut -b1-2 nam_dict2 > t1
cat nam_dict | cut -b1-25 | egrep -i '^[a-z ]+$' | cut -b4- | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' | sed 's/[ \t]*$//' > t2
paste t2 t1 > nam_tsv
join customernames nam_tsv | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort | uniq -c

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