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Cute girl on the train

So there's a cute girl I usually see on the train when I go to work... But then I found out she uses a Zune... She never looked the same since... It's like I found out she never shaves her legs or something...

Study advice for foreign students studying accounting in the United States

To all you foreign accounting students studying in the U.S.: Just think, if you are successful and one day get a job at a large U.S. company then you can help them reduce their tax liability which will reduce the U.S. military budget so we have less troops to attack your country of origin.

Alternative to antivirus software on computers

Quote of the day 2010-01-03 Su: What antibacterial software do you have for your computer?

All time in-flight best movie choices for international flight

You're on an international flight traveling 12000 miles around the world over about 13 hours. You forgot to bring one of those neck things that the person next to you has and you can't fall asleep. You walk around, pee (even if you don't have to), talk to the attendants and finally return to your seat. What's on the in-flight entertainment center? You could watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (11 hours and 23 minutes) and then some action movies like: Of course, this will make your eyes bleed, and you will fell jaded and have jet lag when you arrive. Instead, I recommend educational movies. Really intense math and physics on topics like: The general theory of relativity The special theory of relativity Differential equations and linear algebra The bet that Hawking lost - naked singularity Dark matter and its measurement The history of imaginary numbers, and Euler  Non-cartesion topologies That will put you sleep at least until the next meal serv