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Biosample Permission Token with Non-Fungible Tokens

A new model for tracking permissions using established blockchain standards, and an application for biosample data, is introduced. Written by: William Entriken, Daniel Uribe. The permission problem space Permission is a broad problem space covering any permit , where a permitter will ultimately authorize some property use to a permittee . These permits cover a broad field of authorizations, which may also be called “grants,” “consents,” “licenses,” and “clams.” A practical example is the licensing deals in force to produce FIFA 20 , a football video game [EA-1] [EA-2] [FIFA-1]: In the classical example above, every permit shown is individually negotiated and signed between a permitter and permittee. These agreements are signed, bound under the laws of a specific jurisdiction and made between two legal entities. This paper introduces a new business model where a permitee can accept and use property from a permitter without directly having a contract. In this paper, we use the fol