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What Firefox really needs

Firefox has been lying to you. They keep increasing their version numbers... but nothing is happening. The main selling point for Firefox 3 is "it's fast... just like we used to be". Here's a table: Marketing hype Actual version Firefox 0.9 Firefox 0.9 Firefox 1 Firefox 1 Firefox 1.5 Firefox 1.1 Firefox 2.0 Firefox 1.2 Firefox 3.0 Firefox 0.9 Firefox 4.0 Firefox 2.0 (hopefully) Firefox is not worthy of going past the 1.x version until there is innovation. I submit that this is the feature that will mark the beginning of the 2.0 browser era:   EDIT: You can vote on

Are you Looking for a Rhino Thimble?

Are you Looking for a Rhino Thimble? This was one of the original eBay magazine advertisements. ---------- This is one of those blog posts where I searched Google for something random, and I was disgusted by how utterly incomplete the Internet is... then I use the keyword in my blog as a way to make a permanent documentation of history. ----------

Munich and Prague

Here are the photos from my trip to Munich and Prague: If you like any of them, please use the star button, or post a comment on the photos.