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How to make the best out of jury duty

Su just got her third notice today about needing to reply to a jury duty summons. Su : Wait... so why did they pick me? Su : So it's like a lottery? And I hit the lottery? I've never hit the lottery before, this is awesome! Su : So I have to interview them first and see if they will pick me? Su : And I don't have to go to work that day!? Even better! Su : I'm going to say yes to every question they ask me... they will definitely pick me! When Su is seeing new things here for the first time, sometimes I just give her the facts rather than explain all the emotional baggage that we attached to those things. This also explains why she loves root canals "so they just open my mouth, take out all the bad stuff and put good stuff in... I definitely want that!"

Is Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) a registered nonprofit? Are donations tax deductible?

I have been trying to get involved in the FICS project, the largest and oldest free online chess server. After playing for many years there, maybe there is something I can give back. It would be nice to know more about their organization and who the real people involved are. Even though there are so many people actively playing there, information about the project is sparse and dated, and I can get in contact with any admins via email. Investigating further, I have the following to share. The entity that owns and operates the FICS (or used to) is Free Internet Chess Organization, a Minnesota corporation. Their original address was: P.O. Box 3212 Burnsville, MN 55337 While operating out of 13306 Court Pl Burnsville MN 55337  USA But is now 8708 31ST Ave N New Hope Mn 55427 Originally the FICS was registered as a non-profit on 07/31/1998, however the entity has been dissolved as of 01/16/2007 according to the State of Minnesota. So, at this point donations are not tax dedu