Martin Fluss "Businesses" for Sale

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A man named Martin listed an “established” distance learning education business for sale. In actuality, no such business exists, as proven by a successful lawsuit against him, warnings published about him by others, and documents he himself has published.

We reached out to Martin regarding a business that was for sale on BizBuySell. He offered the business for sale and claimed to make millions of dollars per year on this business.

Who is Meir Martin?

We send a message online and received an initial voicemail identifying himself only as “Martin”. We called back and Martin Fluss identified himself as Meir Martin ("but people just call me Martin").

We spoke with the business seller by calling 305-546-3745. Martin identified multiple businesses for sale: a higher education distance learning company, an “accredited” distance learning high school degree program, an import-export business, a legal immigration service, and others. Martin identified himself as living at a house in West Palm, being married and having two children.

By employing voice recognition analysis of the public videos of Meir Martin versus the voicemail we received, we are somewhat confident these are different people.

Who is the actual seller?

The phone number 305-546-3745 was used since at least 2014 to sell these businesses:
Note: Elba is Martin’s (the actual seller's) wife. Source: Google for 9510 Equus Cir Boynton Beach FL ELBA FLUSS, 561-706-1450

In 2015 Martin Fluss operated a website to sell the same business as get rich quick scheme franchise opportunities:
Martin owns the website which matches the description of the “A Charity Business” from EC Business Brokers, above. And thus Martin’s actual address is revealed, source:

This address matches the description Martin provided to us on the phone. Martin’s actual identity and address:

+1.3055463745 / MRMARTIN7@OUTLOOK.COM

Possible photo of Fluss:

Other businesses Martin Fluss operates

  • One-Of-A-Kind High School 
Source: WHOIS search and search for FLUSS,MARTIN

Are these businesses legitimate?

Martin was successfully sued for $85,000, source search local case number 2010-023010-CA-01
  • Martin was found guilty of fraudulent inducement for selling a business on false pretenses which included providing false IRS records, source: judgement 29392:2969 
  • Fluss made representations that the business was developed but it “plainly” was not, source: judgement 29392:2969 
  • Martin pleaded to court that he did not have access to funds to pay the XXX judgement, additionally he was investigated for failing to disclose funds he did have access to, source: motion 04/26/2016 / FOR ENTRY OF ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE shows 
  • The findings in the judgement would easily meet the definition of mail fraud if such documents were provided over USPS mail 
The State of Oklahoma, Department of Securities officially complained to Fluss for soliciting its residents to purchase businesses but not following proper disclosure laws:
  • P6 
Other people that purchased his business publicly posted that it was a scam:
One-of-a-kind high school is not accredited


We have a high degree of confidence that Martin Fluss was the person we spoke with on the phone and who was selling these businesses.

Martin has clearly made deceptive business sales in the past.

It is possible that Martin has a separate business available for sale that is unrelated to the scams above.

It is possible that Martin’s other business actually makes significant revenue. However, the business model (identified in lawsuit docket) is an affiliate network which requires signing up business to sell products. The sale of actual products is not the business model.

We later contacted Martin to ask if his actual name is Martin Fluss and he confirmed we were correct.


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