Street tips that might save your life, and other advice right now

Happy New Year, and good luck on having a safe and happy 2014.

If you are a victim of rape or aggravated assault indoors

✗ Don't yell "rape"  ✓ Yell "fire"

Sadly, few people want to help a rape victim and walk into an icky situation. Many people wont think twice about breaking down your door and risking their life to help a fire victim.

If your life is in danger and you call 911

✗ Don't say "please send help"  ✓ Say "officer assist, shots fired"

Yes, police will respond to help you if you are being attacked by someone or an intruder with a gun is walking in to your house. But 10 police will respond if they believe another police officer is in danger. Bonus tip: you will go to jail for doing this, make sure it is worth it.

If you are robbed on the street

✗ Don't yell "he took my purse"  ✓ Yell "he gotta gun"

"He took my purse" is your problem and probably wont get immediate help. "He gotta gun" and you pointing at the guy is everyone's problem, will get many people looking at him and probably an expedient camera phone picture. Also, after everyone has shut up and is looking at the guy, then you can say "he took my purse". No one will fault you for mistaking a gun. And with adrenaline rushing it will be more likely someone helps you.

Stuff you can do right now

Email yourself a photo of the front and back of everything in your wallet

How are you going to cancel your credit card when it's stolen? How much easier is it to prove your identity when you have a copy of your driver's license and ID number? Will you remember everything in your wallet if it is gone?

Email a copy of your cell phone's IMEA number to yourself

On iPhone this is General -> About -> scroll down -> IMEI and then to take a screenshot press the power and home buttons simultaneously. It will be faster to report to police and your phone company if you have this information. Also save a copy of serial numbers for anything else expensive you have that is mobile.

Make a copy of your house and car keys

And put them somewhere accessible without needing your keys. Also put $100 there. 

Write a $100 check towards your credit card bill

You'll be $100 closer to debt free.

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