Axiom of choice [MATH]

I always though mathematicians were stupid because something like the Axiom of Choice came out years after ZFC set theory, and it is still not universally accepted. But maybe those old skeptics foresaw something like what just happened to me...

SU: I had to tell you about the wallet I'm getting you because I found out the size and the color you want... but there's a choice for lining and there's no other way I can ask you what lining you want.
WILL: But there's only one option.
SU: No there's two, there's "choice" and there's "pigskin" and I don't know which one to pick.
WILL: Right, choice is just a word and the only choice is pigskin.
SU: So why are there two choices?
WILL: There's only one choice. "Choice" isn't a choice.


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