Which people on US currency owned slaves?

Just the facts:

1¢ pennyAbraham LincolnNo slaves
5¢ nickelThomas JeffersonHad slaves
10¢ dimeFranklin D. Roosevelt No slaves
25¢ quarterGeorge WashingtonHad slaves
50¢ half dollar John F. KennedyNo slaves
$1 billGeorge WashingtonHad slaves
$2 billThomas JeffersonHad slaves
$5 billAbraham LincolnNo slaves
$10 billAlexander HamiltonMaybe 
$20 billAndrew JacksonHad slaves
$50 billUlysses S. GrantHad slaves
$100 billBenjamin FranklinHas slaves
So if you want to pay without slave free money, you can buy that new TV next month with a fat stack of $5 bills. Or... just use a credit card:

No slaves
No slaves
Vikings had slaves


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