The Mexicans are taking all our jobs, kick them out

Here's the argument, I'm sure you heard it before:
There are untold millions who are subsisting on the government tit and we would all be better served by employing these individuals. Tax revenues will rise and entitlements will fall. The argument that these jobs pay too little will diminish when we open up the opportunity to Americans after taking away those opportunities to those who are here illegally.
But the fact is: jobs exist in America if you want to work for them. You can support yourself easily and comfortably with the opportunities that are available.

First, the jobs exist. Here are five jobs in the Philadelphia area for unskilled labor:

All of these pay at least $12 per hour and include health benefits.

What can $12 per hour buy you? Well assume you work 30 hours a week and 4 weeks a month, that's $18,000 per year. Can you afford a house, food and enough money to put away for retirement with that? You bet!

Rooms in the Philadelphia area all fully furnished, all in good neighborhoods, and all utilities included:

And they're all under $500 a month.

Here are five listing for home food delivery services that will deliver you 3 home cooked meals a day:

Some of these can be had at 3 meals a day for $15, even ignoring quantity discount/deals.

The maximum Roth IRA contribution is $5000 per year:,,id=188232,00.html


So how does this add up?

If you can get access to a computer and a pay phone and you are physically able, you can:

* Work full time in a general labor position with enough time off that
you will certainly get bored (10 weeks vacation/sick days)
* Have health insurance in the country with the best healthcare
* Pay all due taxes ($0)
* Afford a place to live
* Have meals cooked & delivered to you
* Max out your Roth IRA
* Have enough money ($120) at the end of the month to buy new clothes / go out to a movie / and buy the laundry detergent, soap, etc. that you need.

AND if you want to be a go-getter, you can be good at what you do and get a better job... or you can take less than 10 weeks vacation a year.

So, we can now see that the money is there for people that want to work. I want to take that bulleted list above and show it to someone who went through the great depression. What would they say?


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