Free project idea - TXT auto-responder for train lateness

I'm clearing off my list of cool computer projects to do. This was a good one, but I'm going to pass on it, so you can have this one for free.

TXT auto-responder for train lateness

Set up a Google Voice account with TXT message forwarding to connect to an email server you control. So when people send you a TXT message like "4336", it comes in as an email, and you can respond with something like "2 mins late, next stop West Trenton", which Google translates back to a TXT message. Data on train lateness is available at Data on train schedules is available at

A similar TXT responder service would cost a lot of money to set up using other options, and you would need to use their special interfaces. Google Voice lets you do this for free with an email interface.

Revenue opportunities: You now have data and contact information for people. You could use this to advertise happy hours at bars that are local to where people are. "Train is on time. When you get home, watch the game Mikey's Grill with $2 Coronas and 2-for-1 appetizers until 10pm"
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